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Nov 29 2013

Free Holiday Music MP3 Downloads

Free Holiday Music MP3 Downloads

Jul 05 2012

Summertime Fun: History of Rock n’ Roll in 100 Riffs

History of Rock n’ Roll in 100 riffs.

Feb 07 2012

The New Redlining: Digital Online Aggregators

New York Times: In the 1970s, a professor of communication studies at Northwestern University named John McKnight popularized the term “redlining” to describe the failure of banks, insurers and other institutions to offer their services to inner city neighborhoods. The term came from the practice of bank officials who drew a red line on a …

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Jan 05 2012

Fast Food Retail Selections You Won’t Find In The US

Here’s a fun and helpful reminder that retail fast food stores reflect cultural nuances  that are integrated into the varied offerings from country to country.  Most of these would not be top sellers in America. Check out what you might find at McDonalds, KFC, Taco Bell, Burger King, and Pizza Hut in various countries overseas …

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Oct 25 2011

Emmitt Smith, CCIM

Congratulations to Emmitt Smith, former football player for the Florida Gators and Dallas Cowboys.  The NFL Football Hall of Famer earned his CCIM Designation earlier this month.