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Sep 20 2010

Real estate pros discuss workplace of the future


What do workplaces look like in the future?

A string of cubicles in an office skyscraper? Or a connected web of workers operating remotely using laptops and cell phones and meeting in a virtual 3-D world?

Aug 24 2010

Office-Leasing Rebound Could Be Deceiving

Even as the office market enjoys a rebound of leasing activity, some businesses are giving landlords the shivers by figuring out how to use less space per employee.

Aug 16 2010

What is Your CoRE Strength?

Highlights of a recent global study examining the operational characteristics and efficiency of large corporations to better understand the correlation between a CRE organization’s tactics and strategy, and the resulting efficiency of their portfolio.

Aug 10 2010

Ten Key Issues Facing The Corporate Real Estate Industry

Corenet Globa’s July/August issue is online. Among the articles available online is this one offering a look at “Ten Key Issues Facing Our Industry.”

Jul 15 2010

135 cost savings ideas—from CRE portfolio and organizational strategies

Their strategies are not earth-shattering—recasting leases, utility cost reduction, alternative workplace strategies, dispositions of excess properties—but it’s hard not to be impressed by some of the savings totals, in the tens of millions of dollars.

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