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Dec 29 2011

How HR and IT relate to corporate real estate

The desirability of IT, CRE and HR functions converging is heightened by technology advances.

Feb 23 2011

Ten Ailments of Outsource Relationships


Ailments and prescriptions for common outsource ailments.

Feb 23 2011

Landlords and Tenants: The Fight Club?

The January-February edition of CoreNet Global’s The Leader is now online: Topics include remote project management, technology, and the battle between landlords and tenants.

Aug 24 2010

Office-Leasing Rebound Could Be Deceiving

Even as the office market enjoys a rebound of leasing activity, some businesses are giving landlords the shivers by figuring out how to use less space per employee.

Jul 15 2010

135 cost savings ideas—from CRE portfolio and organizational strategies

Their strategies are not earth-shattering—recasting leases, utility cost reduction, alternative workplace strategies, dispositions of excess properties—but it’s hard not to be impressed by some of the savings totals, in the tens of millions of dollars.

Jun 23 2010

Beware: New Lease Accounting Guidelines Coming!

If the two accounting-standards boards stay on schedule, a new set of standards for lease accounting will be in place by mid 2011. The impact on corporate real estate will be BIG. And it will be SOON.

Jan 27 2010

Cities Entering 2010 Overdue for an Earthquake: Port au Prince, Memphis, Seattle, St. Louis, Charleston, Salt Lake

Port au Prince entered 2010 overdue for a major earthquake.  So did a number of other U.S. cities and communities–and not just those in California.  Try St. Louis, Seattle, Charleston, Memphis, Salt Lake City, and New England. Reports WSB Radio: The earthquake that struck Haiti two weeks ago was the strongest in that country in more …

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Dec 08 2009

CORENET Global Survey on Alternative Workplace Practices (AWS)


AWS Cost Cutting Benefits Intensify, but Long-Term Outcomes Are Still Important

Oct 08 2009

Convening for Change: Reports from CORENET Global Las Vegas Summit

Starting today, Jones Lang LaSalle is hosting a blog and tweeting about the CoreNet Global Summit in Las Vegas: We plan to engage both Summit attendees as well as non-attendees by providing perspectives and behind-the-scenes insights on the business and CRE trends being discussed at the conference.  

Aug 15 2009

Facebook Group for Corporate Real Estate Professionals

A facebook group has been created for corporate real estate professionals who seek additional opportunities for social networking.

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