Nov 21 2016

Innovations in Commercial Real Estate: Preparing for the City of the Future

Deloitte has published the 2017 Commercial Real Estate Industry Outlook

deloitte2017CRE owners may believe that smart cities are unlikely to impact the existing built environment, or that the timing is too far out to consider seriously. However, some evolving trends are likely to impact the CRE industry faster than expected. Growing government focus, rapid advances in technology, and innovative solutions to improve urban life should compel the industry to prepare and respond to the changes in the ecosystem.

In our 2017 Commercial Real Estate Industry Outlook, we have identified five themes that CRE owners should consider integral to their business strategy. Most of these themes are enablers, which if used strategically and timely, can equip CRE companies to make their physical space future-ready:

* Future of mobility
* Occupant health and wellness
* Internet of Things
* 3D printing technology
* Demographic data and predictive analytics

CRE business models will need to evolve with the changes in the ecosystem and CRE companies will benefit from reimagining their business strategy.

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