Feb 03 2014

January-February 2014 Issue of Corenet Global The Leader Magazine Online

The January-February 2014 edition of Corenet Global’s The Leader magazine is now online. Download it for detailed articles on topics including:

  • Evolution of Partnership and Innovation

corenet-j-f-2014As the Information Age gives way to the Innovation Age, a new era of outsourcing must also emerge to address this paradox. To be successful requires a solid partnership with critical vendors, a comprehensive plan, a sound implementation model and the ability to measure joint success relative to the plan. Brian Jordan, Director of Sprint Real Estate, covers the basics:

  • -Strategy: the overarching charter and scope of the desired alliance partnership
  • -Knowledge Management: streamlined information delivery and consolidation
  • -Organization: identification of key stakeholders, communication plans, and change management process
  • – Program Management: governance structure and process management
  • Quantifying Risk of Loss vs. Financial Risk
  • Technology: why becoming technology-minded should top every corporate real estate (CRE) leader’s to-do list in 2014.

Organizations have to become more adaptive to new technology. They need to create fertile ground for technology to land. One thing that separates companies that are flourishing from those that are not is their ability to accept and adapt to change.  Scott Klososky, Founding Partner of Future Point of View, LLC explains the importance of understanding digital marketing, mobility, business intelligence and big data.

  • Top Tech tools for Corporate Real Estate Professionals in 2014.  Gina Schreck, President and founder of SocialKNX explains how to utilize these tools: Magic Plan, Flipboard, Twitter, LinkedIn, Tablets
  • The Office of the Future: Making the Workplace Work
  • Sustainability: Managing the environmental impact of 2,000-plus properties in more than 70 countries
  • The Red Hat Way: Building and Transforming Effective Partnerships

Download and read The January-February 2014 edition of Corenet Global’s The Leader magazine.

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