Oct 07 2013

Selling Real Estate Services: Third-Level Secrets of Top Producers

What do top executives from Colliers, JLL and Cushman Wakefield agree on? They recommend Selling Real Estate Services: Third-Level Secrets of Top Producers

sellingrealestate150Most professionals who sell real estate services are wasting time trying to force clients to recognize and value increasingly nuanced differences in their capabilities (I call this “vendor differentiation.”  Elite, Third-Level service providers create client preference by finding and aligning to what is unique about the client, the project, client differences, and process (I call this “client differentiation.”

Once clients narrow their options to a short list of highly capable alternatives, nuanced differences in capabilities cease to be a factor in their final choice.  At this level everybody is qualified.  Instead, clients want to work with someone they know and trust, someone who knows their industry, their market, their company, their situation, their property, their preferences, and their process better.  In other words, instead of wanting to know more about you, they want you to know more about them.  They don’t want to work with a vendor.  They want to work with a strategic partner.  If you can find and align to that uniqueness, the client will view you as a strategic partner and not just another vendor.

Topics explored include:

  • Third-Level Selling
  • How (and Why) Clients Choose You
  • Navigating From Vendor (Level 1) to Preferred Provider (Level 2)
  • Accelerating Personal Relationships
  • Accelerating Professional Relationships
  • Finding Project/Property Difference
  • Finding and Aligning to Client Preferences
  • Finding and aligning to the Client’s Decision Process
  • Third Level Proposals and Presentations
  • Pricing and Third-Level Negotiation
  • Third Level Client Satisfaction
  • Winning in the Invisible Market
  • Managing Third-Level Selling Skills

“Selling Real Estate Services shows you how to stop being a vendor and start being a partner.  Bob Potter’s Third-Level concept will help you win more, have more fun, and build greater client loyalty.  It’s a playbook for success.” — Roger Staubach, Executive Chairman for the Americas, Jones Lang LaSalle, and founder of The Staubach Company

“It’s not just about selling; it’s about winning.  Just in time for one of the most competitive markets in a generation.  Be prepared to win.” — Robert A. Ortiz, Executive Managing Director – U.S. Operations, Cushman & Wakefield Inc.

“Bob Potter’s Third Level Selling offers a progressive, advanced approach to building trust, demonstrating value, and winning.  Whether you are new to real estate or a seasoned veteran, it will take y our career to the next level.” — Craig Robbins, Chief Knowledge Officer, Colliers International

“Business development never stops for successful real estate companies.  Bob Potter gets it, and his simple strategies and techniques can be implemented immediately across a sales-oriented organization.  This book is a gem.” — Tom Donnelly, President & COO, ValleyCrest Landscape Development

“Rarely do books capture the essence of success in our industry.  Third-Level Selling helps one understand how you build long-term committed relationships with clients.  This book is a road map to becoming a top producer; I only hope that my competition doesn’t read it!” — Dan Winey, Managing Principal, Gensler

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