Sep 24 2013

CoRE Tech 2013 in November, 2013

Realcomm Conference Group has organized the 4th Annual CoRE Tech conference which will be hosted at the Microsoft campus in Redmond, Washington on November 6 and 7, 2013.  CoRE Tech is the premiere networking and educational event for the corporate real estate and facilities industry focusing exclusively on technology, automation and innovation.

coretechTechnology continues to impact how we design, develop, lease, manage and use corporate real estate and facilities. The business objectives, processes and, therefore, the information systems used by the real estate, facilities, energy, sustainability, IT and HR departments, all which to some extent deal with real estate and facility issues, are coming together and integrating at a much more rapid pace. The CoRE Tech program will focus on the technology influencing corporate real estate and facilities issues, such as mobility and the evolving workplace, hyper-effective real estate operations and the smart building and campus movement.

In addition to tours of select areas of Microsoft’s smart building deployment, the program is expected to include 12 sessions and more than 30 speakers:

OPENING SESSION: REvolutionizing Corporate Real Estate and Facilities
Corporate Real Estate and Facilities AUTOMATED SOLUTION SHOWCASE
IWMS – The Good, The Bad and the Uncertain
Corporate Real Estate & Facilities Innovation…Why is Change So Hard?
Global Best Practices: Corporate Real Estate Information Management – WALMART
Global Best Practices: Next Generation Facilities – MICROSOFT
Global Best Practices: An Integrated Real Estate Information Strategy – P&G
HOT TOPIC: 3D Laser Printing and the Impact to Corporate Facilities
HOT TOPIC: Asia’s Tallest Building and Interior LED Lighting
HOT TOPIC: 3D Visualization for Corporate Real Estate and Facilities
HOT TOPIC: Open Standards For Commercial Real Estate (OSCRE) Gaining Traction
HOT TOPIC: Building 30 Stories in 15 Days – China Sets High Innovation Bar

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