Jan 22 2013

January – February 2013 Commercial Investment Real Estate

The January-February online edition of the CCIM CIRE is online here.

Topics explored include:

  • Distressed Decisions: Can you spot a diamond in the rough?  With the real estate collapse several years behind us, the industry has been riding a wave of available distressed commercial properties.  But this groundswell of opportunity also brings a groundswell of risk.  Knowing what to look for can ensure that a bargain doesn’t become a burden.
  • Value Play: Two methods are key to this investment strategy. Value-oriented real estate investors believe that real estate assets have an underlying intrinsic value that can be determined by analysis and evaluation.  Opportunities for profitable investments arise when the asset’s purchase price is below its intrinsic value.
  • Bankruptcy for Landlords.  Do you know what to do when your tenant files?  You’re the owner of a commercial real estate property.  One of your tenants is experiencing financial difficulty, falls behind in paying rent, and then files for bankruptcy.  These questions and answers cover what you can and should do to protect your interests.
  • Technology Solutions: LinkedIn Logic  It’s safe to say there won’t be a movie made about the founding of LinkedIn.  It has more than 187 million users.  Facebook has more than 1 billion.  LinkedIn was founded in a living room, not a dorm room.  and the only relationship status LinkedIn users see is whether they have a professional connection to another user.
  • Buyers Guide: iPad Anywhere, Matias’ One Keyboard, Border-Crossing Guide, and Wireless Inspection

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