Jan 15 2013

January – February 2013 CoreNet Global Leader

The January-February online edition of the CoreNet Global Leader is now online here.

Topics covered include:

  • Facilities Management in China: Growth in Sustainability and Strategy.  Facilities Managers need to do more to create awareness within the organization about the long-term benefits and value FM can bring to the business...A new approach to FM is emerging in China; one in which strategic building management contributes to a more valuable organization…Access to advanced FM training and exposure to a more collaborative business environment will eventually decrease the impact of traditional cultural influences in the organization.
  • Lower Costs & Greener Workplaces: UBS’s Global Real Estate Strategy 2015  To realize the longer-term vision, UBS has had to implement a short-term strategy to bring its current facilities up to date and make them compatible with the switch over in four years.
  • Corporate Real Estate Outsourcing: A Transformative Look 20 Years LaterThe service provider wasn’t ready.  They lacked geographical coverage, broad business skills and for the most part had a broker mindset focused on the local deal...Some firms believe they have actually outsourced too much or given too much to one provider and are pulling some things back in house or moving to multiple providers.  I don’t think you are going to see two-and three-people CRE departments for large companies as much in the future.
  • A Shared Vision, Strong Leadership and the Right IT Platform Pave the Way for Innovation.   Leaders need to create the opportunity for effective collaboration, and the best collaboration happens face-to-face, in the right location and with the right tools.
  • The Rise of the Human Factor: Workplaces for Well-Being.  We need to get to the point where we are running technology, versus technology running us…Recent studies have shown that sitting for six to eight hours a day has the equivalent effect on your health as smoking a pack of cigarettes a day and can take up to two years off of your life span.

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