Jan 31 2012

Technology Meet Client

CCIM looks at technology and asks four CCIMs the questions below.

Recent technology innovations have helped commercial real estate professionals become more effective and efficient at their jobs. Tablets and cloud computing provide greater mobility. Business social networks increase knowledge sharing, and customer relation management tools, combined with greater access to property data, help practitioners make more-informed decisions.

These innovations have also increased clients’ expectations.“The days of saying ‘I’ll get back to you in a week’ are gone,” says Kevin McGowan, CCIM. Commercial Investment Real Estate magazine spoke with four CCIMs about how they’re using new gadgets, apps, and software to meet these expectations.

  • What products are helping you to improve your productivity?
  • How does being knowledgeable about technology help your business?
  • How do CCIM technology products such as STDB and MailBridge figure into your day-to-day business?
  • What industry-changing innovations do you expect or hope to see in the near future?

Read their responses to these technology questions here.

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