Jan 15 2012

CRE LinkedIn Group Rules

Please read these Group Rules prior to posting a comment or discussion in the CRE LinkedIn Group.  If you do not do so, you may find your posting privileges permanently revoked and/or your membership terminated.

Due to the actions of a few abusers, all posts to initiate a Discussion are held in a queue until reviewed and approved by an Administrator/Moderator of this group.

Since the moderators of this group are fully employed and quite busy fulfilling our daily responsibilities to our clients, there are times where there may be a delay of several days before posts are reviewed.

Posts that will be rejected include:

* Anything that resembles spamming in our sole opinion
* Listings of any kind—even real estate, or any solicitation of the same (other groups exist for this purpose; see http://www.linkedin.com/groups?gid=2333380)
* Offerings of funds, money, loans, etc.
* Articles or news about local markets
* Residential real estate info
* Ads of any type–especially SEO companies, resume services, social media consultants
* Links to articles about social media, recruiting and other generic topics that do not directly tie into corporate real estate or business leadership
* Postings that are little more than a link to another blog.

Examples of acceptable posts:
* Questions related to corporate real estate decisions asked by a user (versus a vendor who then answers their own question with an advertisement)
* Articles about a facet of corporate real estate management that includes takeaways for the reader other than an advertisement (if they are interested in further dialogue or assistance they will read your profile and contact)
* Links to a relevant webinar hosted by a CRE provider or industry group (i.e. CCIM, RealComm, ICSC, etc)
* References to articles of a national or global interest around generic topics like leadership, economics, technology, or business
* Links to news items or blog articles that are directly related to the topic of corporate real estate

Discussions generated by CRE managers are given preference and latitude over those posted by vendors. Postings that are “gray” and disallowed will simply not be published.  Authors of posts that are egregiously in violation of these rules will continue to be blocked from posting and possibly removed from the group.


Members in good standing will be allowed to comment. However, you can not comment on your own posts in an effort to move the post up in the rankings.  Responding to questions others ask you or express on your post, however, is fine.

Readers should flag comments as “inappropriate” that are advertisements or off-topic spam.


The Promotions Tab should be used for webinars, conferences, and similar events ONLY.  Only available jobs should be posted in the Jobs Tab.


* Be aware that each request to join this group is individually reviewed.  Every single one.  That’s why it may take a couple of weeks for a member to gain access.  Many are not admitted to the group.  Only real estate managers and those involved in providing services to real estate managers are allowed.  Those that create false profiles to get in are summarily removed and blocked when discovered.

* You should also be aware that abusers of these “Group Rules” are regularly blocked or removed from this group without warning several times a week due to spamming in the comments and irrelevant posting in discussion groups.

* Unlike many other LinkedIn groups, last year this Group chose to remain “Closed” versus “Open” which means only members can view the content and post.  While other groups opted to be “Open” to accelerate growth by gaining indexing with search engines, we chose to remain a group that only members could access.  Although this results in more work on our part, we believe it is the best approach to maintain the high quality membership we have.

Remember this is a group for corporate real estate management professionals to network, exchange helpful information/resources, and find each other based on mutual needs and interest.  It does not exist for marketers.

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