Nov 09 2011

Environmental Deal Breakers

From CCIM Institute:

…environmental risks commonly associated with the sale, purchase, ownership, and redevelopment of commercial real estate are:

  • contaminants produced from known and unknown historical operations;
  • construction debris containing hazardous materials;
  • sick building syndrome, which can be carbon monoxide, mold, legionella, or other bacterial air releases resulting from faulty heating, ventilation, or air conditioning systems;
  • hazardous chemical storage such as laboratory chemicals, medical wastes, dry cleaning solvents, and pesticides;
  • lead, asbestos, polychlorinated byphenols or PCBs, and radioactive material;
  • “midnight dumping” on vacant land parcels;
  • contaminated surface-water run‑off; and
  • leaking underground or above-ground storage tanks or piping.

Expanded content available at Environmental Deal Breakers | CCIM Institute.

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