Jun 17 2011

Cubicle Becoming Relic in Modern Workplace

The high-walled cubicle is quickly becoming a relic in the modern workplace. It is also becoming more common for executives to move out of their offices and sit with the rest of the workers.

And the actual size of our workspaces is shrinking, as employees increasingly split their time between working remotely and in the office. In fact, at some point in the future, you may not even have your own desk—you’ll just reserve a space to work on days when you come into the office.

Welcome to the workplace of tomorrow, one in which we’re more likely to sit closer to our co-worker neighbors, but be able to move to a more-comfortable lounge space to concentrate and complete projects. Space will be allocated where we can make private phone calls or meet with small groups of co-workers. There may even be places to exercise on the job or take a short nap if you need one.

The focus of it all: Fostering an environment where workers are more productive and collaborative, where ever-important natural light shines on the masses and workers are generally happier at work.

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