Jan 28 2011

FCIC on CRE: “You’ve Got to Get Up and Dance.” | TrafficCourt

From David Bodamer:

The Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission’s report is out.There are a couple sections specifically about commercial real estate. The first is, “LEVERAGED LOANS AND COMMERCIAL REAL ESTATE: ‘YOU’VE GOT TO GET UP AND DANCE’” and the second is “COMMERCIAL REAL ESTATE: ‘NOTHING’S MOVING’”The first section documents the explosive rise of the CMBS industry and how that coincided with spikes in property values. The second section from later in the document is about the standstill that eventually emerged in the commercial real estate investment sales market after the financial crisis.

Read the cut and paste of those two sections at FCIC on CRE: “You’ve Got to Get Up and Dance.” | TrafficCourt.

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