Oct 04 2010

CRE LinkedIn Group and Sibdu Form Alliance

The Corporate Real Estate LinkedIn Group (www.corporaterealestategroup.com), operator of the largest Corporate Real Estate focused group on LinkedIn is pleased to announce an alliance with Sibdu (www.sibdu.com).  This alliance is the result of a group poll conducted in late 2009 on the desires of group members for more enhanced, industry specific offerings.

Jointly, the Corporate Real Estate and Sibdu teams will focus on developing enhanced online professional tools for those working in the corporate and commercial real estate arenas. The alliances goals are to integrate these tools with the emerging social network technologies in order to create a community based portal that helps industry  professionals perform everyday tasks through the crowd source approach.

Current tools offered by Sibdu include:

  • the ability to post specific space requirements and gather matches from the community
  • the ability to access a shared document library providing hundreds of useful lease, contract, and project tools
  • for lease/for sale posting tools
  • discussion boards
  • question and answer boards
  • customized news feed creation
  • the ability to create and administer private and public work and focus groups

Over the coming weeks we’d like to invite feedback from Corporate Real Linked In Group members on the platform and begin a community effort to set the future direction. Our goal is to continue to enhance the way we communicate and share information as an industry.

Additionally, we will be launching another poll to gauge what the Corporate Real Estate Linked In Group community desires in an online platform. Please reach out to us if you have any questions, suggestions, or a desire to get involved in helping us develop things further.

Additionally, please let us know if you’d be interested in acting as a managing editor for a local focus group or a subject focus group on Sibdu.  Your role would be to manage news content that is republished, updating the group event calendar, managing group member bases, and recruiting and communicating with group members.  This provides you an excellent opportunity to continue to develop your inline presence and help shape the direction of real estate on the internet.

http://corporaterealestategroup.com | http://www.sibdu.com

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