Oct 01 2010

The Commercial Real Estate Show

The Commercial Real Estate Show is a talk radio show designed as an entertaining resource and information source for and about commercial real estate. You’re invited to tune in every Saturday morning at 10AM EST on-line at www.CREshow.com or on air at biz1190AM WAFS in Atlanta.

Each show will feature recent breaking news, market updates and answer emails and calls on various commercial real estate subjects. Then a panel of industry experts share insight and case studies related to each shows main topic. This Saturday, October 2nd the show topic is commercial loan workouts, from both a lenders and a borrowers perspective.

You’re invited to E-mail your commercial real estate questions anytime to RadioShow@BullRealty.com or call the Commercial Real Estate Show at 800-408-2855 extension 2001.

The show host is Michael Bull with Bull Realty.

Below is a tentative program schedule for the remainder of the year.

Main Topic
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Topic Highlights


Air Date


 Lender & Borrower Loan Work Outs

Commercial loan workouts from lenders & borrowers positions including workouts that work


 Debt and Equity Markets  Capital markets update including equity & debt rates, trends, thresholds and active sources
 CRE Market Update, Trends & Outlook
 Industry experts discuss the market, trends and outlook for investors, users and lenders.



 Buying & Selling Notes & Foreclosures  Lenders best practices to sell REO & notes. Investors guide to acquiring notes & foreclosures









 Top Strategies for Commercial Tenants  Real estate dramatically effects bottom line for most companies. Learn best practices.



 Buying and Selling CRE at Auction  See if auctions are right for you as a seller or buyer and properties that work best.






 Stock Market Investments in CRE  Investing in public companies. Industry experts discuss the benefits and expectations.



 CRE Sale & Lease Marketing Strategies  Marketing strategies to help you lease or sell commercial properties & increase returns.



 Recapitalization via Joint Ventures  Experts share best practices to right size & recapitalize properties via joint ventures.



 Top Strategies for Commercial Agents  Your present is the top strategies of the best producing commercial agents in the industry.



 Landlord-Tenant Lease Negotiations  Lawyers, landlord brokers and tenant reps share tips and hazards of commercial leases.



 Tax Strategies for CRE  1031 exchanges, tax incentives, debt forgiveness tax tips, cost segregation studies, etc.



 Legal Considerations for CRE  Leases, sales contracts, asset protection, loan deficiency confirmation proceedings & more



 Retail Real Estate Focus Show  Retail investment and users update, site selection and location analysis, gap analysis & more 



 Industrial Real Estate Focus Show  Industrial investment and users update, market news and more



 Hospitality Real Estate Focus Show  The market, trends, financing, new developments and distressed market update.



 Medical – Healthcare Real Estate Medical office investment market, medical location strategies, user lease vs purchase analysis






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