Aug 03 2010

Labor Issues Affect Location Decisions | The Corporate Real Estate Factor

In this article from LBx Journal, Wayne Gearey discusses:

  • The difference between retail and corporate real estate assumptions when it comes to deciding on a location;
  • The profile of a location advisory professional;
  • Modeling of the business assumptions vs. mapping assumptions; and
  • Location strategy as a service, as a business model for follow-on services


LBx: How did you get into corporate real estate and come to be an expert in location advisory services?

Gearey: I have been advising companies in North America, Europe, and Asia on market analysis using spatial analytics for over 17 years. I am trained in both GIS and business process engineering, and this gives me a unique perspective on modeling key business assumptions.

LBx: What’s the difference between site selection and location advisory services?

Gearey: Site selection is generally used by retail, restaurants, and hotels and is narrowly defined. These industries are consumer-centric. They look for customer traffic. Location advisory services, on the other hand, encompass broader logistics that relate to successful corporate real estate investments. Corporate real estate is labor-centric. These are two very different business assumptions that must be addressed with separate methodologies.

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