Jan 30 2010

Sub Groups

LinkedIn recently added a new feature to this group that enables the creation of industry specific sub-groups. Given the size of the CRE LinkedIn group and the diversity of membership, we are considering establishing sub-groups devoted to specific disciplines within the CRE world. To do so, we will need some volunteers to assist as Managers in the oversight of these specific groups. If you are interested in leading a sub-group, please read carefully below and let us know of your interest.

Some groups under consideration might include specific disciplines (Retail, Asset Management, Recruiting, Facility Management, Construction Management, etc). Other possibilities might include accreditation (CCIM, MCR, LEED, etc), or specialties / areas of interest (sustainability, economic development, etc).

Responsiblilities of a sub-group Manager would be primarily to:

* Review the profile of the person requesting admittance to the group and confirm they are actively involved in the CRE activities pertinent to the sub-group, so the group remains focused on the specific CRE specialty
* Monitor the Discussion Groups, removing or relocating topics as needed.
* Foster discussions as appropriate on topics of interest to the group
* Warn and, if necessary remove any members from the group who are spamming and/or repeatedly posting advertisements or unrelated content (i.e. residential real estate).

We will provide the creation of the sub-group and related profile information. We will also notify the members of the CRE group of the creation of the sub-groups that are created and invite them to join on your behalf. We do retain ownership and full editorial rights over the sub-group, and there is no compensation. However, we do encourage our sub-group managers to actively lead and manage their sub-group with minimal supervision and interaction from us. This is solely a volunteer opportunity to provide leadership and to facilitate focused networking in your CRE area of interest among our membership.

We do ask that you not utilize the sub-group to spam or advertise your services or products, denigrate competitors, or act otherwise in an unprofessional manner online. We reserve the right to terminate your Manager rights if in our sole opinion you are abusing the privilege of serving as a sub-group manager for any reason. However, you will be welcome to post white papers, commentary or articles you have written that mention your role or expertise, provided that the post offers a substantial value-add or takeaway for the reader. You will have visibility and primary editorial rights to your sub-group.

If you would be interested in serving as a Manager of a Corporate Real Estate Sub-Group, and there is not currently a sub-group covering the same ground, please respond via email to cre (at) webmatters.com with the following information:

*Your name
*Your background
*The name/speciality of the group you wish to lead
*A brief summary of the group, its core constituency, and what you hope to accomplish with it

Please allow time for us to review and respond.


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