Dec 22 2009

9 Best Practices For Attorneys Using Facebook

Inside Facebook has nine suggestions for attorneys and law firms to use the social networking site to attract new clients.  Most of the ideas can be applied to other professionals, including those in corporate real estate.  

"Facebook has already penetrated the courts, where alibis have been established based on a Facebook status update, ethics committees have ruled on whether judges and lawyers may be friends, or state bar associations have ruled on using them in the course of investigating their cases."

  1. Start a Facebook Page and Use It To Find Clients
  2. Provide Useful Information to Potential Clients
  3. Engage Your Clients
  4. Measure Your Results Based on Your Goals
  5. Make Sure to Do Personal Networking
  6. Optimize Your SEO Traffic
  7. Consider Buying Facebook Advertising
  8. Plan Events for Your Fans
  9. Don’t Forget Privacy

Visit the site for discussion on each idea. 

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