Dec 08 2009

CORENET Global Survey on Alternative Workplace Practices (AWS)

Corenet Global

From CORENET Global earlier this year:

AWS Cost Cutting Benefits Intensify, but Long-Term Outcomes Are Still Important
Talent retention needs ruled as the number one factor influencing AWS prior to the economic downturn, but as new survey data presented at the Dallas Global Summit Opening General showed, it’s now more about responding to intensified cost cutting pressures.
Katherine Randolph, Director of Unified Communications for Microsoft Corporation, framed the shift from effectivenss to efficiency around two key elements of corporate real estate (CRE) management:
• Optimizing space
• Portfolio reduction
CoreNet Global is partnering with Microsoft on a series of surveys around the world to assess AWS adoption rates and best practices. Now, the focus is being placed more on quantifying the level of cost-cutting associated with more efficient workplace practices. These include, but are not limited to, densification, space utilization and unassigned space.


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