Nov 30 2009

Roger Staubach says it's easy being "green" – 2009-Nov-30 – CultureMap Houston

Roger Staubach used to be the best quarterback to play football in the state of Texas. Known as “Roger the Dodger” because he could run as well as he could throw, Staubach led the Dallas Cowboys to the Super Bowl four times.

Now he plays a different game — corporate real estate.

Staubach, executive chairman of the Jones Lang LaSalle international real estate firm, spends much of his time talking to CEOs and company presidents.

So what does he hear from all of these corporate leaders? Sure, they want to know about the cost of renting office space. And CEOs are always trying to find smart ways expand and build new factories.

But Roger is hearing a new refrain these days: “How can my buildings be more green?”

CEOs care about having a sustainable operation for their company, Staubach says. A company that has a reputation as an environmentally responsible firm has a better public image and can attract better employees.

The corporate “buy-in” for green ideals is substantial and the demand for green buildings has exploded, says Staubach, who recently sat down for an interview at the Houstonian hotel.

“People are looking at buildings differently. Companies really are into it,” Staubach says.

Before we go teary-eyed thinking about eco-conscious corporations, I might add a word about the other green  — money. Companies can save a lot of money by being in a green building with great energy efficiency. Developers can get bigger rents – and make more money – by building properties that are considered green and energy efficient.

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