Jan 09 2009

REALTOR® Magazine-Daily News-Unspoken Rules of Social Networking

REALTOR® Magazine-Daily News-Unspoken Rules of Social Networking.

Unspoken Rules of Social Networking Before you jump into Facebook and try to befriend the masses, you need to understand how things are done in this alternative universe.

First and foremost, don’t ask people you don’t know to be your “friend” and bombard them with constant posts about your listings.

If you damage your reputation, you’ll quickly find yourself very lonely in the social networking world, said panelists at Sunday’s REALTORS® Conference & Expo session on using social media.

That’s not to say social networking can’t be a great tool in selling real estate. You just have to do it in a way that doesn’t seem over-promotional.

“You can use social media to maintain a presence with people you already know because it allows you to have a constant presence in their lives,” said Jeff Turner of Realestateshows.com.

Turner and other panelists gave REALTORS® the lowdown on social networking sites:

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